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Now that Chip and Pin is a requirement for payment acceptance picking the right device ensures flexability long term. With the EMV Pro anyone can use this powerful multi-featured mobile terminal to accept Chip and Pin, Mag Stripe and even NFC directly with your app running on any of the latest iOS devices including, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air and even the iPod Touch.

Just like a tradiitonal wireless terminal the EMV Pro is bluetooth based and pairs with your host iOS device where your app will tender the sale and the EMV Pro will physically process the transaction.

Affordibly priced there are various models each with specific features. There is sure to be one that fits every business setting.

Chip and Pin Acceptance for iOS

  • MSR
  • MSR + 1D Scanner
  • MSR + 1D Scanner + Bluetooth
  • MSR + 2D Scanner
  • MSR + 2D Scanner + Bluetooth
  • Key Enjection Options
  • 2" Bluetooth Thermal Printer
  • 3" Bluetooth Thermal Printer
  • 4" Bluetooth Thermal Printer
  • 5 Unit Charging Bay
  • Holsters
  • SDK Available

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